Safely Remove Your USB Devices with EjectUSB

Do you having hard time to safely remove your USB devices from your Windows and often encountered this error message, “The device cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later”? How can you put an end to this problem?


Well, I frequently ran into the same problem too last time but now not anymore after I’ve found Unlocker. You can read my previous blog entry to learn more about this small but useful utility. Using Unlocker is one of the solutions for this problem. The reason why this happen is that there are still programs that run from the USB device during the moment you try to eject the USB device.

Besides Unlocker, EjectUSB is another essential Windows tool that you can try out. This open-source program will close all programs running from your USB device and then safely eject the USB drive. Click here to see EjectUSB in action. Other functionalities that EjectUSB offers are flushing the file cache, closing Explorer windows and removing registry entries and Recent Document shortcuts referencing the specified USB drive.

To use EjectUSB, you need to first extract the content of the downloaded zip file onto your USB device. Next, you need to run the “EjectUSB.exe” from the USB device that you are attempted to eject. Then, let the program take care the rest of the task. So easy!

EjectUSB is compatible with all Windows OS. If you ask me which one do I prefer between Unlocker and EjectUSB, I will pick EjectUSB.

Download EjectUSB Now! | 252 KB

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