Inserting Flash file in PowerPoint 2007

1. In PowerPoint, display in normal view the slide on which you want to play the animation.

2. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click PowerPoint Options.

3. Click Popular, and then click to select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box under Top options for working with PowerPoint, and then click OK.

4. On the Developer tab, click More Controls in the Controls group.

5. In the list of controls, click Shockwave Flash Object, click OK, and then drag on the slide to draw the control.

6. Resize the control by dragging the sizing handles.

7. Right-click the Shockwave Flash Object, and then click Properties.

8. On the Alphabetic tab, click the Movie property.

9. In the value column (the blank cell next to Movie), type the full drive path, including the file name (for example, C\:MyFile.swf) or uniform resource locator (URL) to the Flash file that you want to play.

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