GUI Config & Configuration Mania – 2 Useful Firefox Addons

Tired with “about.config” to set advanced settings in Firefox because of  technical and packed in a geek interface ?Here are 2 addons which enable you to hack this settings.

1. gui:config 0.3.7 :gui:config makes it easier to change preferences that can only be found in the “about:config”. The extension supports a comfortable way to apply changes to these options. It displays the options, included in the current version, using checkboxes, drop down lists and text boxes.

With Bug Shooting, you can catch anything from icons in the taskbar, third party programs or simply capture an area or the entire screen. It also lets you copy from the clipboard to import images into Bug Shooting and vice versa, i.e. copy from the program, complete with annotations, and paste it into another application. This is one of it's most useful features because with similar programs, you end up unable to share screenshots on the clipboard.

2.Configuration Mania 1.09.2008070501

There are various hidden preferences on firefox. It is technical and difficult to configure with about:config. Configuration Mania allow you to do it easily. You configure them in same way of firefox default option dialog, after opening this extension's setting dialog.

All features are on this extension's setting dialog. Click Tool -> Options -> "Configuration Mania"... to open setting dialog.Users can access five main tabs, like Browser or Security, which lead to several subtabs that provide access to the settings.

The browser menu for instance leads to options for High Speed Browsing, Tab Browsing and Location Bar while the Security menu deals with Javascript, Redirections and Cookies

This is an excellent add-on for Firefox that makes it easy to change many settings that are hard to change otherwise.

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