Gmail Account in Outlook

If you have an Gmail account you have almost 3 gigabytes space on their servers and some people use that space as storage for their messages. But you can also have access to Gmail through Outlook, too if you like. In that case you can write mails and answers using Outlook advantages. You can use Stationery and other possibilities. To start with that, you have to do following:

1. Login to your Gmail Account.

2. Go to Settings.


3. Choose Forwarding and POP tab

4. Choose Enable POP and click on Save Changes button.

5. Choose Archive Gmail’s Copy. This selection safe. So your all mail safe in your Gmail All Mail folder. If u no need received mails, you can delete from All Mails folder weekly or monthly.0002

6. Go to Outlook 2003 or 2007 or outlook express Tools menu > Account Settings > Create new Account >

7. Type Your name > Type Email Address > POP3= > SMTP= > Username  with > Password > if you want save password click selection. 0003

8. Go to More settings > Choose Outgoing server tab > Tick on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication > Make sure Selection is Use same settings as my incoming mail server >


9. Go to Advanced tab > Tick on This sever requires an encrypted selection (SSL) of the incoming server (POP3) > Make sure port 995.

10. Tick on This sever requires an encrypted selection (SSL) of the incoming server (SMTP) > Change port to 465 > Ok > Next > Finish > (if u want test account settings , you can.)


Now your Gmail Fully configured in your outlook. You will get all mail to your inbox or outlook. Then you can use very friendly. Enjoy…. With Google email ….. !

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