PDF Owner Guard Personal Edition

When you want to send a sensitive document via e-mail or make it available to many people, you have to consider what restrictions, if any, to apply to it so it can't be misused. PDF OwnerGuard is a reliable digital rights manager and data protection system.


  • The protection system lock your PDF documents to specific machines

  • Control and apply limitations for viewers using a unique DRM component called License Manager. This minimizes viewers' DRM hassles by letting them access your DRM protected files offline.

  • The encryption and protection method is based on an advanced 256-bit AES encryption system.

  • These protected files are just like normal files, and users do not need to run any additional application to access them or to have

  • You can place on your files include working time, expiry date, and print and save functions.

  • Users can lock the files to specific computers, and encrypt and protect new output files too.

  • Use of the clipboard, screen capture, dragging & dropping, and write  can be restricted and create permissions.

  • A license code can be generated by the user and copied to the clipboard by pressing a button, and you can share it with your intended recipients separately.

When compared to the security and encryption features provided by Adobe’s DRM method, OwnerGuard gives more for the buck. Apart from access limitations, license expiration and machine dependency support, it also provides support for encrypting newly created files. Creating a protected file grouped by projects is easy with a wizard that guides you through all the steps.

Once you have created a project, associate a license with it by placing limitations on any PDF files produced under that project, then add files, and finally click the ‘Protect Selected Files’ button. The License Manager lets you view, access and distribute your custom computer ID.

SysReq:WINDOWS XP/2000/98|Freeware


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