Double Vision - Watch Online Video While You Work!

Bored with  data entry job / some other  job  for few hours and looking for a way to make it more interesting ? Double Vision allows you to watch Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Blockbuster and more directly within a Microsoft Excel window.

When you load a video using the browser from one of these sites, the video will expand to the size of the browser so you aren't stuck looking at a video surrounded by text. With this you can watch online videos without impacting available space on your computer monitor and without interfering with programs already running.

To use Double Vision, simply navigate to any website where you would normally watch an online video. Once you have started playing the video, click the "Go Double Vision" button and you will enter "Double Vision Mode". While in "Double Vision Mode", the browser window will be transparent and you can 'click-through' the browser and interact with programs that are running underneath them.A small Controls window will be displayed on the window which will let you change the transparency, move the window around your desktop and exit "Double Vision Mode".

| Freeware | Windows Vista, Windows XP | 2.15 MB

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