Keep your Desktop In your Flash Drive

image In using computers everyday you likely send email, check the news, track finances. In using different computers you probably have different programs on each machine, maybe even different operating systems. Have you wished each machine had the same applications? Or that the bookmark you just added to your browser were on the other machine? Have you worried about computer viruses or your child deleting the wrong files? LivePCs can help you in each case.

A LivePC is a virtual computer. You can run a different operating system and different
applications within it than the computer normally runs. You can run this virtual computer directly
on a computer or from a portable drive on most computers. LivePCs can be found in The Lab on or you can make, and even share, your own using MokaFive Creator.


LivePCs are run from our MokaFive Player on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Intel based Mac OS X
machines, or BareMetal. You can run many different LivePCs from the Player. Have an
application you'd like to use that only works under DOS? You can have a DOS LivePC and add
that application. Would you like to run some applications under Linux? Download a Linux LivePC.
Would you like to have a safe games play space for your child? Launch a child friendly LivePC

Offline Use

LivePCs can be set for use without access to the internet. You could compose an email at the top
of Mount Everest on your LivePC to send once you are again connected to the web.


LivePCs run on your computer but they are copies of the ones maintained on our servers. The
LivePC operating system and applications are kept separate from your personal data. If your
LivePC gets a virus, it will be removed when you exit and re-launch the LivePC. The operating
system and applications on a LivePC are kept clean by matching them to the LivePC in The Lab
on LivePCs are also independent. They are not able to open or affect files in
other LivePCs.


You can put LivePCs and the Player on a memory card, USB flash drive, USB hard disk, or an
iPod and take them to another machine. You will be able to take your LivePCs between Intel
based Macs and Windows XP or Vista machines. When installed using BareMetal you can run
from a machine which allows you to boot from USB.

Backups (Windows portable installation only)

Your portable LivePCs and your personal data can be backed up automatically to a Windows XP
or Vista computer. Should you lose your portable drive you can create a new one from the


You can also create and share your own LivePCs, either by modifying existing LivePCs or creating your own from scratch. You can then register your LivePC at to share
with the world or just your friends, or you can keep it private. By posting and subscribing to your
own LivePC you can be assured that any spyware you pickup in your LivePC virtual computer will
be removed the next time you launch it.



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