Free Password Protect Files Program For Windows

One of the most important feature which almost every windows user wants in windows is to protect the private files with password. Many people keep some of the very sensitive files on their hard drive and other portable drives which they don’t want other to see.

Androsa  is a free password file protector to protect your confidential documents or any other file with a secret password. It lets you lock any file in windows with a secret password.

When ever you password protect any files with this program it will convert the file into an encrypted file which can be opened only with software and de-protected by entering the correct password. You can select among different encryptions method at the time of password protecting your files with this program.

Let’s see how simple you can password protect any program with this software.

This free password protect program get integrated with the context menu’s in windows so you can encrypt any file just by right clicking on that file.

1. Right click on the file which you want to password protect, select Androsa FileProtector System.

2. Now select the encryption algorithm you want to use and enter the password and click Protect.

3. That’s it your file is password protect now. :)

This free password protect program also lets you password protect files on your portable USB drive, you can download the portable version of this program from here

Free password protect Androsa FileProtector is a free to use program which does not contain nay adware, spyware or malware etc.

Download Androsa FileProtector

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