You want free Android mobile to test?

You want to try Android phone as free before you go to buy any Android phone? You want a real Android experience without buying an android device? Or you want to run Android in your windows PC an emulator and explore the features of Android without paying even single coin?

Then this post for you. We will learn how to do this step by step.

Required files:

  1. Download and install Java Development Kit (JDK) – select the one compatible with your windows.

  2. Download Android SDK files from Here. Select your windows version 32bit or 64 bit.

Then extract the Android SDK files you just downloaded to any location on your PC. Now, open the folder where you have extracted the SDK and run the “SDK Manager” application.

Just wait till application load and fetch all the Android SDK packages. then simple click on close button after log window appeared.

Then tick on Android 4.2 (API17) and click Install Packages. And proceed the installation

If status is Installed already, please ignore above step.

Now you are ready to setup your Android testing mobile.

Setup Android Mobile

Once we installed Android SDK, now its time to set up your testing Android Mobile phone virtually. please continue below steps to do that.

Go to Tools > Manage AVD then click New button from Android Virtual Device Manager window.

And type any thing as a AVD name. But remember don’t put a any space between text. And you can choose any device which is you like, then target must be Android 4.2 – API.

You can change the Internal Storage space and SD card size if you required more storage space in your virtual Android phone. then click OK.

Then please wait for a while to create your Android virtual phone.  After create Android virtual phone you will see the window same like below. And click in start button

Then click on Launch button to start to use your FREE ANDROID PHONE Hot smile No need to change anything in the Launch Options Just Click on the “Launch” button.

Now you just wait to load your Android Phone.

Enjoy with your free android mobile phone and explorer the features. you can use the buttons from right side panel to drive your phone.

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