Gmail New Feature: Reply/Forward with highlighted text only

Today we are going to present one awesome feature of Gmail which is they rollout in mid of November 2012.

In Gmail (most of the email clients), the default action when you click reply or forward is to include all of the email you’re replying to below your message. Sometimes this results in long reply chains and lots of unwanted information being forwarded along. Suppose  you don’t want to include all of the text, instead only the relevant ,just an important line or  a picture. this case what you will do usually? select all  unwanted information content and delete them. It might very difficult sometime, especial from long chain emails. right? But this fantastic feature of Gmail’s will help you to do this very easily.

Simply just  highlight the text you want to be in the reply or forward email, and then click the reply / forward  button on Gmail. You’ll get a compose window with just the highlighted information which is you are selected !

See this example below of before and after.


Note: If this not working for you, please confirm whether “Quote selected textoption is enabled or not in your Gmail Lab by going Settings > Lab > Search for ‘Quote selected text’  > and Enable.

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