Free Remote Shutdown Utility for Any Computer On The Network

LanShutDown is a FREE program which lets you shutdown, restart, log off any computer on your network, but the primary requirement to perform these actions remotely is you need to have administrative privileges.You can run this tool and shutdown any computer running windows 2000, XP or 2003. The program package includes two console programs with which you can use LanShutDown tool from command line also. With the command line version of this tool you can automate the shutdown and reboot of your computer.It will automatically detect all the computers connected to your network with their IP address and names. You can also forcefully terminate the applications running on the remote computer which you want to shutdown.

The LanShutDown package includes two console programs

1. LanShutdownN (LanShutdownC.exe) - consol program for computer remote shutdown;
2. ShutdownN (ShutdownC.exe) - consol program to control local computer power.

This free remote shutdown tool makes it very simple to shutdown any computer on your network and but still if you want to use the default shutdown dialog in windows to shutdown any computer in your network.

Geeky Way To Remote Shutdown Any Computer On The Network

1. Open command prompt and type shutdown –i and press Enter

2. Add the computer or computers on your network with their IP address to shutdown, restart, log off  and set the display warning time in seconds and comment you want to give when shutdown warning message appears.

3. Press OK button

Download LanShutDown

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