Block Access to Certain Websites with Any Weblock

Protecting your children on the internet is the concern of most technology savvy parents today. You child is exposed to the internet in a variety of places and fashions including home, school, laptops, PDAs, and even cell phones. As the volume of the exposure of the internet increases, so does the need for adequate protection against inappropriate content.  Protecting your child on the internet is not an easy task. There are an unlimited amount of interested parties out there who are just waiting to lure your child into inappropriate online activities.

Any Weblock a free software ,which  enables you to block access to specific web sites. Just enter the domain name of the site to block, apply the changes, and the user will no longer be  able to access the site. There is no block message displayed, the simply appears to be unavailable. The interface can be password protected, the program uses the Windows HOSTS file to redirect blocked sites.

No network knowledge required to configure. You only need to know the domain/subdomain names of the websites to be blocked.


  • Works with any web browser
  • Block websites and additional subdomains
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access
  • Blocking remains intact even after uninstalling, unless properly unblocked by this program.
  • Export and import to share block list among computers
  • Auto-backup and roll back to a previous backup

    Download |SysReq:.NET Framework 2.0 or higher |Freeware | 362KB

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