Which ROM i should choose? how Samsung naming their ROM?

Which is the best ROM for my Samsung galaxy phone? Are you confused before you are downloading? no worry, here we are going to explain Samsung codes, who find difficult to understand coding of different ROMs

let's explain with one example
India have latest update MC3, so what you are seeing on ROM is N7100XXDMC3 N7100ODDDMD1 - India (mentions AP and CSC, so AP(PDA) is N7100XXDMC3 and CSC is N7100ODDDMD1). Now when you extract zip you will get like this
N7100XXDMC3_N7100ODDDMD1_N7100DDDLK6_HOME.tar.md5 (that have modem (CP) information too) here AP N7100XXDMC3, CSC N7100ODDDMD1 and CP N7100DDDLK6

That is in form of device number[AP (PDA) - CSC - CP (modem)].tar.md5
so after installing this ROM if you dial *#1234# , you will get this

AP : N7100XXDMC3
CP : N7100DDDLK6
So what does it suggest?

Here decoding of CSC
it suggest which country ROM you are having 'DDMD1' means DD=India, M = 2013, D = April, 1 = first release
So DDMD1 CSC suggest your CSC is first released for India on April 2013

Same way if we decoding with modem (CP)
your modem is DDLK6, that means
DD = India, L = 2012, K = November, 6 = 6th release
So your Indian modem is built in Nov 2012 (6th release in 2012) So if you look to any ROM released after Nov 2012,
like LL7 ,MA6, MB2 ,MC3 All have same DDLK6 modem, means there is no update in modem since Nov 2012 (LK6)

Now come to PDA (AP)
XDMC3. usually PDA remains same for almost country and usually have to count last 3 digits. MC3 means M=2013, C=March, 3 = 3rd release
SO MC3 update is 3rd update of March 2013 (though it released in April, still it is built by Samsung in march, you can confirm it by setting - about device - kernel it showing 27th March). so built in march but aired in April. Samsung code it according when it was built.

For 'year' coding Samsung uses K=2011, L=2012, M=2013 so on
For 'Month' coding A=Jan, B=Feb, C=March and so on K=2011


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