A New Gmail Virus (Rememberthistime.rar) – Fixed!!

Since two days I was struggling with this virus, and now I found the fix for this, and now I’m able to run Firefox. So i want to share this steps are below  mentioned.

1) Run %temp% and delete all files.

2) Install NOD 32 latest version, and run the scan for Operating Memory and the Windows Installation Drive, after that better install Malwarebytes and run.

3) It should delete the C:\Windows\Pifex32.inf file (may be the filename might vary and I’m not sure about it, do comment). And if it does not, find out manually and delete it.

4) Basically the virus is attached to a service called services.exe (ironic!) and Mozilla Firefox doesn’t work even if  you run it with the explorer.exe ended.

5) Fire up the Firefox, and it should run normally (No need to reinstall if you haven’t done it already).

That is sufficient to bend the bug. For now I’m not having any recurring problem from that virus. So I feel I’ve fixed the issue. Share this with your friends so that they don’t start reinstalling their Firefox.


To Protect Yourself


This Virus will auto sent from anyone in your contact list. If you find any of your friend’s mail with the following subject and body, and an attachment, simply hit delete.


Subject: hey

Body: I ran into some of your old friends the other day, they wanted me to send you this.

Attachment: rememberthistime.rar

NEVER EVER Open the attachment, as it is very unlikely for your antivirus to detect it, and as I happened to open it, I know what is inside the rar. It contains a rememberthistime.scr file, which has an icon of a monitor, and makes you feel it is a screensaver, and when you run it (which Idiotically I did) , nothing happens. But little Googling tells me that, mails will be sent from my mail to my contacts.

First Thing You need to do

1) Delete the mail that came in

2) Change your password to something totally different than the existing ones ( And better do this from some other machine )

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