How To Install Multiple Antivirus Programs

We always wish our computers to be secure from damages especially from Viruses.We use Anti-virus software for our computer in order to protect it from getting viruses. But none of them can be 100% secure to save our computers from Viruses. However we also may think of installing multiple anti-viruses at a same time on our computer.But installing two or more antivirus is not possible , because antivirus software nowadays are so complex and they may conflict with each other causing crashes and blue screens.It also leads to system resources hog  and slows the computer down.

Recently found a tool called Multi AV Scan developed by Gakh from HackHound that allows you to run on-demand scan using 10 types antivirus on your computer.It is possible  to run two or more antivirus  programs with this third party software. Multi AV Scan is a standalone software and it  does not provide real time protection.It is not required to uninstall your current antivirus to run Multi AV Scan.It currently supports A-Squared, Avira AntiVir, BitDefender, ClamWin, DrWeb, Ikarus, McAfee, Solo, Sophos, VBA32.

This program is little buggy.It  will continue  Scanning the whole time without progress unless  you have to put the file that you want to scan in the same folder where  MultiScan.exe installed.If you’re using Avira AntiVir, you need to place Avira license key HBEDV.KEY (you can get it for free here) file in \AVs\AntiVir\ folder.It also  consume  more resources during updating and scanning.It works with XP and Vista

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