Check username availability in multiple Sites

Sometimes it is quite troublesome especially when you are trying to search for an available username across various social networking websites . Instead of launching the particular websites one by one and keying in the particular username to check for its availability, now there is a website known as NameChk that simplifies the username searching process by consolidating all the results gathered from different social networking websites in single place.


simply key in the desired username followed by click on “chk” button and it will go through all the searches across multiple websites and display the results in seconds. The results will be highlighted in different colors such as green or red indicating the username is still available or being taken respectively. Once it is available, clicking on the icon will bring users to the respective websites for signing up.

Hopefully NameChk could help you save some times and it is especially useful for those that would like promote own branding by having consistent username across different famous websites in simple way.

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