Add Colorful HTML Signatures In Your Gmail

Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures is a Firefox add-on that automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages letting you select which signature you want to use, thanks to a tag system, from four presets that you can freely edit.

All you need to use is a minimal preparation with HTML, and if you don’t have this, Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures provides you a simple and basic introduction to HTML coding language

Let me show you how to use it:

  • First of all you need to be registered to Firefox Add-ons. Once you are registered, just install the add-on and restart Firefox.
  • Now the only thing to do is to open Gmail and compose a new message.
  • Just below the “send” button you will see three other buttons. Good, this is the add-on!!

  • The first button allows you to choose which signature set to include in the message. You can create four signatures, so that you can have a signature for work, one for your friends and use the others as best as you think.

  • The second button allows you to create a new signature, or to modify an existing one.

  • The third and last button shows you a list of options, where you can rename the four tags that match the different signatures for you to easily recognize them.

  • When you click the button to start making a new signature you will see two boxes over the email message field: the first box is where you have to write your signature in HTML language, and the second box is where you can see the real-time preview of what your creation will look like.

Thanks to Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures you can now have a very cool HTML Signature for your Gmail account. And it’s very simple to use, so everyone can use html signature in his e-mal.

For more information, or to discuss this add-on, please see the forums here

The extension is obviously free to download and install.


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