Sleep Moon Xpress - Automation Utility

Sleep Moon Xpress is a next-generation Automation Utility that takes computer automation to the highest level. It is simple to use, yet it comes packed with a lot options and features, You will be able to easily manage your computer, either remotely or automatically with Sleep Moon Xpress.It is simple to use, and packed with a lot options and features, such as Alarms, Automatic Shutdown, Remote Executions, Download & Upload Speed Detection and much much more. You can  remotely control your computer using any Bluetooth or Infrared enabled device with  the help of WTP Mobile Technology.

With Sleep Moon Xpress, remotely or automatically, controlling your computer will become a piece of cake. It can be used in multiple scenarios and situations, from as simple as displaying a notification at 4:30:50 PM  to as complex as rebooting your computer using a Bluetooth mobile phone equipped with a camera.

Key features

  • Shutdown Option
  • Reboot Option
  • Log OFF Option
  • Power OFF ATX Option
  • Silent Alarm Option
  • Run File Option
  • Alarm Option (With 4 Pre-Installed Alarms)
  • Atomic Time Synchronization
  • BlueActive Technology (Range: 80 - 400M)
  • WTP Mobile Technology (Range: Unlimited)
  • Audio Sensitive Trigger System

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