Password Protect Windows Programs With Empathy

Many of us share our PC with other users ,but we may not to allow them to run all the programs which we use.Sometimes you want protected files stay protected when  you copy them to another location or even to another computer.  Here is a small, simple, easy-to-use but smart and reliable utility allowing you to password-protect any executable file called Empathy.It lets you protect any of your windows program like Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other program installed on your computer.


Empathy allows you to protect potentially dangerous programs against running by an unauthorized person. You can use it to protect executable files in public places like schools, internet coffees or even homes.Empathy can modify an EXE file so that it will require a password to run. Only a person knowing the password will be allowed to run the protected program.

Empathy lets you use a single character as password to protect executables .It is a postcardware as you will need to send a picture post card to the program author writing any thing to get the full version and then you can have password with more than one character(not an electronic/e-mail postcard - you can send something with a picture of your city on it, or anything you like). 

Empathy is portable program which you can place any where on your hard disk or pen drive ,it does not require any installation.

Empathy 2.1

Sys Req:Windows NT3.51,NT 4, 2000, XP,Server 2003, Vista, 95, 98 ,Me|Freeware|180KB

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