Send an Anonymous Email Message With Note2Email

Note2Email is a simple web service that lets you send email messages anonymously to anyone without signing up with the service.You can optionally enter in a special encryption key such that the recipient will only be able to read the email if they know it.

When browsing the Internet from an untrusted network or an office computer it can be unsafe to type in the email account password. This tool was designed to help users send themselves email notes without logging in to their email account

Your IP address is not passed in the message header so your identity remain hidden and the email recipient will never know who exactly sent that message and from where.


  • Your email will be from "note[at]",which enables you to set up a filter in your email service or program and create a repository folder for notes sent to yourself.

  • Note2email relieves you from needing a web-based email if sending email notes from a computer that’s not your own.

  • Note2email relieves you from needing to log into web-based email in order to send email notes from a computer that’s not your own. This is both more secure (alleviates any risk of compromising your account password) and will save you time otherwise spent logging in.

  • You can send email with a special encryption key that you specify. Your recipient will only be able to view the email if they can enter in your key.

  • Spam protection: you will need to identify the note2email logo from other random images to send email with note2email. This protects against random spammers using the service for junk mail.

  • note2email allows you to send email fairly anonymously to any address. (Note: anybody with little technical skills can send an email disguised as being from anyone they choose. At least with note2email the sender is "note2email" and not some fake identity).

  • Bookmarklet for taking quick notes by email is in the works.


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