How to fix corrupt windows user profile

Every user in the Windows OS has a user folder associated with the account name which  stores computer settings and data.A common problem with Windows machines is a corrupt user profile.So windows fails to recognize the user profile and folder that is linked to the user account.This can be caused by a hard drive error, joining/leaving a domain, file system issues and a change of username.What will happen in this case is that the next time the user logs-on, a fresh, empty profile will be created, named 'user.domain' or '' instead of just 'user' -and from that point on, the new profile will be used instead of the correct one.

Before we start learning how we fix any corrupt account make sure you have a an account which either is admin or is  admin privileged.

All the Windows User Profiles are located under C:\Users\UserName which contains all our settings. Now go to your account and unhide hidden folders and uncheck Hide Protected operating system files. You would see three files NTUSER.DAT, NTUSER.dat.log and ntuser.ini which you will need to be careful about.

  • Login with your admin account and  create new account.
  • Now identify which user profile is corrupted and  go to that folder which will be like C:\Users\UserName
  • Unhide Folders / Files and display system files
  • Copy everything from this folder  except three files NTUSER.DAT, NTUSER.dat.log and ntuser.ini
  • Go to new account folder located under C:\users and paste all the files you copied in above step.
  • Logoff and login to the new account to confirm.
  • Delete the old account.

This should fix your problems. Remember many a times because of some bug you might see Windows giving you a brand new profile but if you logoff and try logging in again you would see the issues getting fixed.

There is another alternative called as Reprofiler a software which can also help you in fix these issues by remapping users to their profiles, fixing registry settings and permissions which is required to fix any corrupt windows account.


It displays all the user accounts above and all the windows users folder below. Now to fix it or map to any other account you can just select first a user name above and a folder below and then hit Assign. This will make sure it copies and assigns proper settings. You can also remove / detach folders which is useful when it comes to erase the data.


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