Fix Windows User Profile Errors With Reprofiler

Every user in the Windows OS has a user folder associated with the account name which  stores computer settings and data.A common problem with Windows machines is a corrupt user profile.So windows fails to recognize the user profile and folder that is linked to the user account.This can be caused by a hard drive error, joining/leaving a domain, file system issues and a change of username.What will happen in this case is that the next time the user logs-on, a fresh, empty profile will be created, named 'user.domain' or '' instead of just 'user' -and from that point on, the new profile will be used instead of the correct one.

You can correct this problem manually, but  you have to  edit the registry and adjust  permissions, tasks.All these are  are painstaking and time-consuming, and are probably beyond the skill-level of the average user.  ReProfiler offers an easy way to see which profile is associated with which user.It  is a small, freeware and portable tool designed to reassign the data and settings of a Windows user account to another account.


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