Google DNS Helper for Faster Internet

Recently Google announced a new service – Google Public DNS .Google Public DNS Service replaces your ISP’s default DNS  which which boosts up your browsing speed and offers more reliable internet experience.

By using Google Public DNS you can:

  • Speed up your browsing experience.
  • Improve your security.
  • Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.

How to configure  Google Public DNS :Check here

However with Google DNS Helper  a small tool , you can do the  whole process  more simple.Google DNS Helper  will backup your current DNS address and then switch it to Google Public DNS for a faster, safer, more reliable internet experience. You can restore your old DNS anytime you want.

The Google Public DNS IP addresses are as follows:

Google DNS Helper | Google DNS Helper Requires .NET Framework | 89 KB / Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7

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