Tweak Your Internet Explorer with IE Tweaker

IE Tweaker is a freeware tool,which will help you to tweak  Internet Explorer.This  utility that can help you fix several Internet Explorer issues and  you  can optimize your browsing experience.It has  a great number of fixes/tweaks ( more than 90) that will help you to enable/disable any options with ease and without getting in to registry. IE Tweaker will be a great utility for those, who  don’t want to play with the Windows registry.


  • Browsing Options:
    · Allows you to disable/ enable Smooth Scrolling, Clear type font, Animation, Sounds, Picture Display, Automatic Image resizing
  • Clear Junk Files:
    · This option will help you to quickly remove all the temporary IE files, cookies, history, passwords, and AutoComplete data.
  • Tweak IE:
    · The Basic Tweaks tab offers you the basic tweaks such as Turn off/on Menu bar, Favorite bar, Tabbed browsing, Full screen mode, Caret Browsing support etc.,                                                                                                                  · The Browser Menus window allows you to disable/enable the Browser Menus                                                                                                              · The Toolbars tab helps you hide/unhide the various options on the bars and also the bars itself such as Status bar, command bar etc                                                                                                                     · The Control Panel window helps you hide/unhide the various tabs in Tools –> Internet  Options.                                                                                                · The Advanced tab helps you to Turn off/on various options such as Compatibility view etc., and also allows you to change the IE Title, and Default download directory options.
  • Restrictions:
    · The Restrictions tab provides you various restriction options such as Changing default search provider, Add-ons management, Auto complete features etc.,                                                                                                                  · The Settings tab restricts the users to change various settings.                                                                                                             · The Security window allows you to enable/disable options such as InPrivate Browsing, Filtering etc.,
  • Repair:
    · The Repair menu option provides you various options to repair/fix various issues that you have with Internet Explorer.

IE Tweaker  | 152KB | Req:IE 8 & IE 7 & 32/64 -bit Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 | .NET Framework 3

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