How to Fix PC Problems Remotely ?

Every year social Networking sites are growing by double digits .  Many of us are  members of   these sites. And such sites offer a great opportunity for Helpers to let their friends, family, and customers know about the technical services they provide. CrossLoop is a must-have tool for anyone who serves as the go-to tech support guru for friends and family.This  free program can be used to fix computer problems remotely.

imageJust install the  CrossLoop application  on your PC, then have the person on the other PC do the same. Interface is simple , that allows you to start a sharing session with a friend who also has Crossloop installed.After installation, your PC will be assigned a 12-digit access code each time you start the program.The program uses 128-bit encryption .You must transmit  this access code to the person by email, phone, instant message or similar means.Once connected, that user will have full access to your machine. Once you have started the server and your friend has entered the key, you will receive a request, allowing you to share your screen and control your desktop.

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